Luxurobes, is the recently introduced brand by the founders of Duke and Digham. Offering all new range of variety in premium robes, satin pajama wears and classic smoking jackets with the motive of serving premium quality products at really affordable prices. 

With Duke and Digham, we have already completed 10 years acknowledgment serving our customers with best in class Smoking jackets, now are taking our services  to next level in order to serve your leisure with a variety of products offering more products with flexible choices of fittings, colors, fabric and designs according to various occasions and activities.

We will be more than happy to help you with anything you need in case you want your customized products with your choice of color, fabric or designs.In our pursuit to produce and supply an elegant and functional wears, which will last for many years, we pay attention to every intricate detail. We do not overlook any phase of the process from purchasing high quality fabrics, to employing innovative designers and skilled craftsmen. Through receiving and processing your order, we provide you with an outstanding level of customer service, knowledge and assistance; we strive to deliver to you a high quality classy smoking jacket which you will be satisfied with. Our goal is to fulfill your order quickly and successfully, we do our utmost to continuously meet and exceed your expectations, we stand behind every sale.